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When to use probing

You can add a probing operation in the G-code program at the same time with other machining operations
Probing operations are used to eliminate discrepancies between real and calculated data on the workpiece position and the tool breakage. Such errors occur when the data from the CAD/CAM system does not match with the actual positioning of the workpiece and tool.

The main purposes of these cycles are listed below:

  • Control of the dimensions of critical surfaces of parts with visual indication on the machine;
  • Detection of inaccuracies in tool sizes;
  • Tool breakage control;
  • Measurement of a part to compensate for inaccuracies in the location of the part and the geometric dimensions of real parts;

You can create your own probing cycles with individual properties for future use. New probing cycles may be stored in the library, which is a separate file with an extension. This library can be shared with other users.

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How it works

The main task of the probing operation is to provide the CNC machine with actual data on the position of the workpiece and the condition of the tool.

It work as follows:

Probing in the CNC machine

Getting measurement data

Calculating and correcting the toolpath

Machining with corrections in place

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Universal CAD/CAM solution

You can use the probing operation with Milling Machines, Lathe machines and Industrial robots.

How it works with a workpiece

CNC machines use special measuring equipment and canned cycles. When the cycle starts, the CNC machine swaps the tool for a special sensor and touches the workpiece with it. Thus, the CNC machine updates the data on the part location and parameters.

How it works with a tool

CNC machines use special measuring equipment and canned cycles.
When the cycle starts, the CNC machine tool touches a special sensor. Thus, the CNC machine updates its data on the tool parameters.

Main features

for a productive workflow
Main features

Simulation with a machine 3D model

In SprutCAM X you work with a 3D model of your CNC cell. Because it’s convenient and visual.
Our library has more than 300 models of CNC machines usable out of the box.

You can build your CNC machining cell in our special app – MachineMaiker 2.0

Main features

Verification and backplot

SprutCAM X shows the toolpath and material removal like in real-life machining.
The simulation is updated realtime in the background after every operation.

Hence, the workpiece for each subsequent operation is the result of the previous operation. So when calculating the toolpath, SprutCAM X takes into account the result of the previous operation.

Probing in CNC machine in CAD CAM system
Main features

Collision auto-detection

SprutCAM X will help you create safe and quality toolpaths.

SprutCAM X can detect:

  • Collision with the workpiece or with the machine;
  • Exit out of the working area;
  • Singularities zone

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Use our special app MachineMaker 2.0.
Zero-code tool for building CNC machines. MachineMaker is included in the SprutCAM X installation package.

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