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Rotary milling programming

Milling with 4th axis. Manufacturing of screws, blades, gear wheels, balusters

It’s easy to get a toolpath in SprutCAM X

In SprutCAM X you get the first toolpath without setting any parameters at all. After that, you can play with parameters, visually controlling the result.
Rotary machining in SprutCAM X

4-axis index machining

All 3-axis toolpath strategies are available for 4 axis index machining.

Rotary machining in SprutCAM X

4-axis continuous machining

SprutCAM X has roughing toolpaths for quick material removal and finishing toolpaths for obtaining desired surface quality in the 4 axis continuous machining mode.

Equipment safety: collision control during toolpath calculation

SprutCAM X takes into account machine axis limits for initial toolpath calculation. There is no need for postprocessing and separate simulation for collision and axis limits control.

Tool holder collision control

Tool holder collision control in SprutCAM

Tool holder collisions handling during toolpath calculation

Moving parts collision control

Moving parts collision control in SPrutCAM

Possible collisions between moving machine parts and with the workpiece are handled automatically during toolpath calculation

Axis limits control

Axis limits control in SprutCAM

Axis limits are considered during toolpath calculation.

4-axis toolpath suite

Rotary machining special toolpaths

Rotary roughing

Rotary finishing

Profile machining (5d contour)

Removal of large amounts of material. There are toolpaths for machining with spiral, circular and linear passes.

The same as 3-axis plane finishing operation. Set the step to get the desired surface finish.
The most versatile operation. You can set curves as a job assignment.

All the 3-axis strategies are suitable for rotary machining

Find out more about 3-axis machines programming in SprutCAM X. All these operations are suitable for machines with a 4th axis.

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