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How Spray painting works

Simulate and test your painting on your PC. SprutCAM X Robot will give you all you need for it.
Program your robot offline on your PC like on a real robot:
  • Generate a toolpath for spray painting
  • Simulate and verify it
  • Edit the toolpath interactively if necessary
  • Start your robot with the G-code obtained

Use different Spray tools

A broad range of spray tools allows you to create various spray patterns.

Full cone spray nozzle

Full cone spray nozzle distributes the fluid evenly and produces a circle of spray.

Hollow cone spray nozzle

Hollow cone spray nozzle applies the paint over a narrow strip around the edge of the spray cone.

Elliptic flat fan spray nozzle

The elliptical shape is formed by two angles of spray: along and across the main direction of spray.

Elliptic linear fan spray nozzle

The elliptical shape of the fan is formed by two separate linear widths along and across the main direction of spray.

Rectangular flat fan spray nozzle

It’s a versatile tool. By changing its properties, you can adjust the spray pattern. It allows you to simulate several nozzles lined up in a row.

Use different Robots

SprutCAM X Robot has a comprehensive library of 3D models and postprocessors for robots

Key features

for a productive workflow
Key features

Simulation in real time

In SprutCAM X Robot you work with a 3D model of your robot cell. Because it’s convenient and visual.
Our library has more than 300 models of robots ready to use out of the box.

You can build your robot cell in our special app – MachineMaiker 2.0

Key features

Control paintwork thickness

Painting simulation allows you to visualize the areas of the parts that will be painted as well as control the thickness of the paintwork (depending on the chosen type of painting).

Main features

Full painting process control

SprutCAM X Robot has an array of tools and settings to create a safe and high-quality painting job

  • Coating thickness control
  • Adjustible spray cone size
  • Control of the movement of the robot’s axes


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Use our library

A comprehensive library of CNC machines 3D models and postprocessors. Just install SprutCAM X and get started.

Or create a new machine or robot cell

Use our special app MachineMaker 2.0.
Zero-code tool for building Robot cells. MachineMaker is included in the SprutCAM X Robot installation package.

Robot model in MachineMaker 2.0Robot model in SprutCAM Robot

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