What’s new

  1. New snap for positioning 3D fixture models: circle center by three points
  2. Updated visualization controls
  3. Added the ability to save groups of operations to a file

New Snap: Circle Center


In this update, we added a snap to the center of the circle using three points and a direction vector.

New visualization control

Updated visualization viewport

How does it work:

  1. Turning off the Active CS checkbox in the Settings window, also turns off the visibility of G54 and the Local Coordinate System
  2. You can start the rotation of the viewport around the Z axis of the current coordinate system by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space
  3. The rotation is now always around the origin point of the current coordinate system. For the machine – around G54
  4. The old combinations X, Y, Z + Space still work
  5. Rotation options:
  • Esc – complete the rotation
  • Numpad +,- speed change
  • Numpad * change direction
  • 7,9 – zoom out/zoom in
  • Shift View: 4 — left, 6 — right, 8 — up, 3 — down
  • Arrows up, down, left, right – rotate the view

Without relative rotation, the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F2..Ctrl+F12 save the current view settings to disk. Keyboard shortcuts F2…F12 restore the saved view.

Importing and exporting a group of operations

Added the ability to save a group of operations to a file. To do this, open a window with all operations and click the Settings button. Check the necessary operations with checkboxes and select configuration export.

In this way, you can save a group of operations to a file, for example, user-defined operations, in order to import them later on another workplace.

What made it more convenient

  • Updated Tools list templates
  • Updated spindle rotation visualization
  • Added a button for creating a group (folder) on the 3D Model tab
  • Added rotation visualization for Trevisan machines
  • Updated the window for sending messages to the technical support service in MachineMaker
  • Added smart tooltips to the tool window
  • Added a check for changing the NC file when working with operations based on the G-code

What’s fixed

  • Fixed a bug with an inverted picture
  • Fixed bugs with smart snap
  • Fixed bugs with the installer
  • Fixed bugs with displaying the tool window
  • Fixed the occurrence of critical errors
  • Fixed a bug with turning drilling
  • Fixed bugs with threading operation
  • Fixed bugs with smart hints
  • Fixed bugs with solid modeling
  • Fixed bugs with 2D drawing
  • Fixed errors when building a toolpath, taking into account the center and tailstock
  • Fixed bugs with stocks
  • Fixed bugs with unclenching cams
  • Fixed errors with snapping the workpiece coordinate system
  • Fixed bugs with displaying machine nodes
  • Fixed bugs in turning operations
  • Fixed bugs with Nvidia graphics cards
  • Fixed bugs in the Welding 6D operation
  • Fixed bugs with templates for measurement operations
  • Fixed bugs in the interface
  • Fixed bugs with transparency rendering
  • Fixed bugs with interpolation
  • Fixed errors in the End Milling operation
  • Fixed errors in the chamfering operation
  • Fixed bugs in 3D Spiral operation
  • Fixed bugs in additive operations

A total of 116 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications about the release of the new release and can upgrade.