SprutCAM Robot in University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt

A new great project by SprutCAM Robot from our German reseller.
In close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, SprutCAM and Data Technology Reitz develops new technologies for large format prints,
As well as creating complex 6 axis printing and milling objects with the robot. A robot PC control system was developed for this purpose. This one makes it easier to drive of extruders on the robot substantial. At the moment all parties are working hard on a Granules extruder, which can then milling the printed filament. The milling shavings are vacuumed and returned to the extruder. Here the residual material with new
Mixed granules and can be processed again.
This has the advantage of significantly less plastic waste. What in turn for ensures a corresponding sustainability.
CAD / CAM Systems
Perfstrasse 2
35216 Breidenstein
Tel.: 06461-759343-7
Fax: 06461-759343-8
email: Reitz@cnc-technik.de
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