Robot milling of submarine for a Croatian museum

Bat-Tech Italia once again presented their project for a museum in Croatia. They started by creating a 3D model from scratch and then used the SprutCAM X robot to turn it into a real model.

The project is about a submarine commissioned by @ETT spa, a company they have worked with before. @ETT spa specializes in technological innovation and simulator construction.

The team took care of the 3D design to make the submarine. They then milled the polystyrene based on the design and applied glass-resin to finish it.

They designed the internal parts of the submarine with easy access for museum guests in mind. These parts include iron sections, passover structures, a monitor bracket, PVC windows, and a console. @ETT spa handled tasks like cable changes, setting up the monitor, and other technological aspects.

This project allowed them to showcase their precision and creativity while providing an enjoyable experience for museum visitors.

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