What’s new:

  • Developers updated the technology settings window for EDM operations.
  • Also the output of CLdata command parameters for EDM has been updated.
  • The update included the toolpath calculation for adaptive roughing waterline strategy.
  • The input form for painting thickness was also updated.
  • In addition, MachineMaker now supports EVS robots.
  • MachineMaker also now supports Tormach robots.
  • Lastly, MachineMaker now supports Borunte robots.

List of fixed bugs and errors:

  • An error in long transitions was corrected.
  • Errors in the CAD module were fixed.
  • Mistakes in approaches were corrected.
  • A critical error when working with a drawing was fixed.
  • An error in modeling when moving on the feed of a long transition was fixed.
  • The equidistant construction was corrected.
  • Errors in the adaptive strategy on finishing passes were corrected.
  • Critical errors no longer appeared. Automatic settings for the knife cutting operation were fixed.
  • The parameters of 4-axis operations were corrected.
  • Problems with AMD video cards were addressed.
  • Issues with importing 3D models in .m3d format were addressed.
  • An error in positioning axis C was corrected.
  • Mistakes when working with the parameterized contour tool were corrected.
  • Errors related to SprutCAM X crashing were addressed.
  • Errors when working with the undo command were fixed.
  • An error when working with the coordinate system of the positioner was fixed.
  • Errors with collision control on machines and robots were fixed.
  • Errors with copying parts were fixed. Errors in calculating short transitions were corrected.
  • Errors in the Rough waterline operation were fixed.
  • Errors with visualization were corrected.
  • Mistakes in the Rotational waterline operation were corrected.
  • Errors with parameter settings for approaches and returns were fixed.
  • The parameter description for the deep drilling cycle was corrected.
  • Errors in calculating the trajectory in the morphing strategy were corrected.
  • Errors when working with the limitation zone were addressed.
  • Issues when considering horizontal surfaces were addressed.
  • Errors when adding points to the working task were fixed.
  • The toolpath calculation was fixed for the Roughing saw operation.
  • Errors in FBM operations were corrected.
  • Errors in modeling when working with painting operations were corrected.
  • Errors in turning operations were corrected.
  • Errors in the 5D operation over surfaces were corrected.
  • Errors when importing models in STEP format were addressed.

A total of 135 changes were made to SprutCAM X, including error fixes and improvements to the workflow.

Users who have active technical support have already been notified about the new release and can upgrade.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team.