What’s new

  1. New constrained toolpath calculation mode
  2. New parameter and transition types in the Additive operation

New in constrained toolpath calculation

In this release, we have added a new toolpath calculation mode when working with work order constraints. To enable a new toolpath calculation, you need to go to the properties of the restricted zone.

This screenshot shows the result of the toolpath calculation in the old mode.

This screenshot shows the new toolpath calculation. In this mode, SprutCAM interrupts the toolpath along the restricted zone.

New in the Additive operation

Added the ability to set a certain distance for safe transitions if it should differ from the level of the safe plane. Also added the ability to select the type of the first and the last approaches.

What we made easier

  • Updated cycles in interpreters
  • Added Nachi and Doosan robots to the MachineMaker library
  • Added a check for the adequacy of the created machines in MachineMaker
  • Localized CAD module
  • Returned work with inlets and outlets at machines in the drop-down list

What’s fixed

  • Fixed bugs when working with equipment
  • Fixed errors when importing files in 3dm format
  • Fixed bugs in the job zone and restricted area
  • Fixed a bug when changing units of measurement in the system settings
  • Fixed bugs in the MachineMaker interface
  • Fixed bugs in CLData for the postprocessor to work correctly
  • Fixed bugs with Pick and Place operations
  • Fixed errors with the installation of the program
  • Fixed bugs in the Hole machining operation
  • Fixed bugs related to localization
  • Fixed errors in the 3D contour operation
  • Fixed bugs when working with the pencil machining strategy
  • Fixed bugs in the Engraving operation
  • Fixed errors with visualization of spindle rotation during multi-channel machining
  • Fixed errors in the Rough layered operation
  • Fixed errors in recognition of geometric elements
  • Fixed bugs when working with the robot map
  • Fixed bugs with polar interpolation
  • Fixed the occurrence of critical errors
  • Fixed a bug when closing SprutCAM
  • Fixed preview bugs
  • Fixed bugs when working with the U axis
  • Fixed errors when transferring machines from MachineMaker to SprutCAM
  • Fixed bugs when working with a robot on rails
  • Fixed errors when working with TCP in robotic cells
  • Fixed a bug when working with a work order
  • Fixed a bug in the operation Horizontal sections machining
  • Fixed errors in thread milling cycle parameters
  • Fixed bugs in the distribution postprocessor for Fanuc
  • Fixed errors during the SprutCAM installation
  • Fixed bugs with subscription Practice
  • Fixed bugs with toolpath correction in the rough waterline
  • Fixed errors when saving the project
  • Fixed errors when working in Windows 7
  • Fixed bugs in holder control
  • Fixed bugs with freezes when calculating the toolpath
  • Fixed errors when setting a safe level
  • Fixed bugs in 2.5D Contour operation

Total 156 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications about the release of the new release and can upgrade.

If you have any issues, please, contact our support team.