Robot multiaxis cutting

Ultimate robot programming solution for trimming, cutting, deburring. Get complex toolpaths in a short time.

Calculate toolpath

Lightspeed native 6-axis robot kinematics toolpath calculation. Reach zone limits, collisions and singularities taken into an account.

Can be used for different applications:

Plasma, laser, water-jet cutting; mill trimming; glue application, welding, heat trantment.

Automatic collision-free approaches and retracts:

Dedicated algorithm for fast approach/retract calculation. Huge time-saver.

Vast toolpath tweaking capabilities:

Tool vector control, toolpath spline editing, feed-rate adjustment, lead and lean angles, interpolation and more. Learn more about toolpath tweaking


Handle singularities, collisions, reach zone limits and redundant axes movements with a dedicated powerful tool: robot axis map

Axes available in robot axis map:

A6 (6th axis), rails, turn table, lead and lean angles.

What is shown on the map:

Out of reach, out of limits, singularities, collisions. Map also shows the toolpath with rapid and work feeds.


Just push “Build automatically”. It works in most cases.

Precise control:

Edit any point of the toolpath with simulation preview in real time.


Full robotic cell simulation. Material removal simulation.
Smooth and high resolution.

Full robotic cell simulation:

Robot, tables, rails, end effector, fences, fixtures, tool magazine and any other imported geometry is used for simulation.

Material removal, additive, painting:

Dedicated simulation modes for material removal, additive and painting for result control.

Tweak toolpath

Advanced toolset for multiaxis toolpath modification

Precise control of the tool vector in every point of the toolpath. Apply lead and lean angle using interactive editing capabilities.

Tool vector control

Select any part of the toolpath and make and offset along X, Y or Z. Editing in spline and poly line modes are available.

Select any part of the toolpath and adjust feed rate. Create smooth transitions between different feed rate zones of the toolpath.

Control lead and lean angles via robot axes map. Set lean angle, lead angle or both at any part of the toolpath.

Lean and lead angles

Change tool, switch cutting direction and press Run and get a new toopath. No reprogramming required.

Switch tool or cutting direction

Choose between spatial arcs and lines. Specify max deviation or length.

Control smoothness of robot movements and allowed acceleration and speed of every axis with robot axes graph.

Trimming / Deburring examples

Parametric design – robotic trimming
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia

Complex robotic trimming
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia

Robotic carbon fiber trimming
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia

Deburring a part
SprutCAM China

Fiberglass trimming with KUKA KR2150
Velichko Velikov, SprutCAM partner, UK

Furniture trimming
GD ROBOTICS, SprutCAM partner, Turkey

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