Milling of karambit style utility knives by Tormach machine

One more SprutCAM user – roguetoolpath, that uses Tormach milling to create awesome projects.

“More parametric cad work! I designed and made these karambit style utility knives a couple years ago and decided to make a larger version. Cad design was easy to change. But not so easy to pass on to cam system in my case anyway! Recently updated to version 15 and wanted to test and get comfortable with new program version and settings for mill and router projects. I must say this was not much fun at all. New cam had a number of bugs and quirks that were somewhat frustrating. I could work around them all. A new user, I bet would be very frustrated and waste a lot of time. Also noticed this was a more detailed project then I remember doing. Explains why this model has been available on grabcad for years and yet I have seen no others made. :( Anyway, larger version is ready to make with all the cam work done and soft jaw fixtures milled. Just waiting on material. Enjoy the day and make some chips”

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