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Additive manufacturing is not the only 3D printer. Just check this out!
Stunning results with a revolutionary Blueflame3D solution at the HB3D Headquarters in Amsterdam! Check this SprutCAM powered IRS Robotics for refurbished industrial robots robot 3D printing a D3aak boat.
We still can’t believe we found the grail, balancing the critical parameters dictated by the ever-demanding polymer-product-production trias. We applied 5D printing using SprutCam. Smooth toolpaths are essential, preserving the old Dutch aak shape. D3Aak will be printed in a recently developed polypropylene material, supplied and supported by DSM.
D3Aak is inspired by an old Dutch boat design (the ‘aak’) that has proven itself over the years as a robust and sturdy model that can even go out to sea.
According to Leon Wokke, owner of D3Aak Boten “D3Aak boats wants to tackle the plastic problem and make a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and innovative product that solves a major problem in our world.”
Thanks to Jacky Peeters from IRS Robotics for the video.
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