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Why do you need Pick-and-place

You can add Pick-and-place in your program with other operations. It allows combining machining and moving in one program.

Pick-and-place operation is designed to control the gripper tool to move the workpiece inside the job zone of a machine.

The kind of machine tool can be any:

  • milling center;
  • lathe with subspindle;
  • industrial robot.

The main requirement is the existence of a special tool holder that is marked as a gripper

How it works

3 easy steps to receive path for Pick-and-place

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Try a 30-day trial license. Without function limits
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Universal CAD/CAM solution

SprutCAM has got 3D models and postprocessors for robots and CNC Machines

MachineMaker 2.0

Zero-code builder for robot cells and CNC schemes
Learn more about MachineMaker 2.0

MachineMaker is included in SprutCAM and SprutCAM Robot installation

Main features

For productive work
Main features

Auto-detect collisions

SprutCAM Robot controls collision during all the path of object. You can edit any point of the toolpath with simulation preview in real-time.

Programm considers all elements of your robot cell or CNC machine.
You can assembly your cell or CNC in our special app – MachineMaiker 2.0 

Main features

Control additional axes

SprutCAM supports simultaneous control of a robot or CNC and an unlimited number of linear and rotary positioning axes.


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