What’s new

  1. MachineMaker: new interface, multiple robots support, the workpiece on the robot flange support;
  2. Added the ability to bind to the geometry of the machine when measuring with a tape measure

MachineMaker Updates

Updated the settings window in MachineMaker. Now all the settings are in one place and the interface has become the same both for designing a cell with a robot and for a CNC machine.

Now, when designing, you can add an unlimited number of 3D robot models in one cell.

After exporting a cell from MachineMaker to SprutCAM, you can design machining for several robots. Previously, such a cell was described manually in an XML file.

Important: you can add several robots of only one manufacturer

We have added support for a new tool type for robots — a workpiece. This means that the robot after the MachineMaker will be able to hold the workpiece on the flange for machining, such as grinding operations. Previously, this required editing the XML file manually.

New in measurement bindings

Added the ability to bind to the geometry of the machine when measuring with a tape measure.

The option can be enabled in the equipment visualization settings:

  1. Right-click on the machine icon to open a menu with equipment visualization settings
  2. Check the Snap to machine nodes checkbox

What we made easier

  • Updated grooving and threading cycles for writing post processors
  • Improved spindle rotation arrows for Swiss-type machines
  • Updated template tools list
  • Updated G-code operations: added check for file changes when opening
  • Updated functionality for assembling Swiss-type machines in MachineMaker
  • Updated 5D by Surface: added sorting by area or layer
  • Updated import formats in MachineMaker
  • New interpreter for Mazatrol SmoothG mill

What’s fixed

  • Fixed a bug with the output of cylindrical interpolation
  • Fixed a bug with saving objects in MachineMaker
  • Fixed a bug with visualization and setting of approaches and retracts in the 2D Contour
  • Fixed bugs with export from MachineMaker to SprutCAM
  • Fixed a bug with CS for a new part
  • Fixed object selection in MachineMaker
  • Fixed setting of feeds in the operation Turning adaptive
  • Fixed bugs with SprutCAM updates
  • Fixed bugs with interception in multi-channel mode
  • Fixed bugs with the online library in MachineMaker
  • Fixed bugs with extended control
  • Fixed a bug with serve recognition
  • Fixed bugs in quick project modeling
  • Fixed problems with the model simplification function
  • Fixed bugs with hole recognition
  • Fixed bugs in tooltips
  • Fixed bugs with moving parts
  • Fixed errors when working with turning cycles
  • Fixed bugs in measurement operation
  • Fixed errors when creating a setup and changing a machine
  • Fixed bugs in welding operations
  • Fixed bugs in 5D operation on Surface
  • Fixed bugs when calculating transitions
  • Fixed bugs with custom operations
  • Fixed bugs with the task of the workpiece
  • Fixed bugs with negative allowance
  • Fixed bugs with importing models from KOMPAS 3D
  • Fixed bugs in the 5D Surfacing operation
  • Fixed bugs with turning chamfers
  • Fixed bugs with stl models
  • Fixed critical bugs

A total of 105 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications about the release of the new release and can upgrade.