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Stone, wood, plastic, foam, resin machining

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Main features


Comprehensive toolpath pack for robot milling: 45 roughing and finishing milling toolpaths

For 20 years we are developing CAD/CAM software for CNC machine programming – SprutCAM. During this period we developed huge amount of toolpaths for 2.5-, 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining for CNC machines.

Now all these toolpaths are available for industrial robots milling
in SprutCAM Robot.

Ultimate toolpath for sculpture milling: 5d by meshes

The new 5D By Meshes operation works on triangular meshes and surfaces alike and provides powerful strategies for 5 axis surface finishing. The most advanced strategy, Scallop, makes finishing of complex shapes, such as sculptures, as simple as one click.

Key features

Powerful generic strategies:

  • Scallop
  • Helical
  • Plane
  • Waterline

Flexible options for the tool axis control

  • Fixed
  • Rotary
  • Brand new Perpendicular to Toolpath
  • Through Point, Through Curve

Automatic tool and holder collision avoidance. Smooth and predictable tilting achieves better surface finish and puts less stress on the machine or the robot.

Industry-leading technology, unmatched performance. Fast generation of the toolpath makes tweaking of parameters an easy task.

Technology updates


Handle singularities, collisions, reach zone limits and redundant axes movements with a dedicated powerful tool: robot axis map

Axes available in robot axis map:

A6 (6th axis), rails, turn table, lead and lean angles.

What is shown on the map:

Out of reach, out of limits, singularities, collisions. Map also shows the toolpath with rapid and work feeds.


Just push “Build automatically”. It works in most cases.

Precise control:

Edit any point of the toolpath with simulation preview in real time.


Full robotic cell simulation. Material removal simulation.
Smooth and high resolution.

Full robotic cell simulation:

Robot, tables, rails, end effector, fences, fixtures, tool magazine and any other imported geometry is used for simulation.

Material removal, additive, painting:

Dedicated simulation modes for material removal, additive and painting for result control.

Redundant axes control

With SprutCAM Robot you can precisely control robot movement or rails and 1- or 2-axis rotary table
Control movement on rails
1 and 2-axis positioner control

Robot milling examples

Stone / Wood / Foam / Resin

Foam milling
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia

Mold pattern milling with KUKA robot

Kuka robot 2D milling MDF sheet
Velichko Velikov, SprutCAM partner, UK

Robotic milling accuracy test
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia

Stäubli robotic aluminum milling
SoliCADcz, SprutCAM partner, Czech Republic

KUKA robot mills foam sculptures
CAD/CAM Systeme Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co., SprutCAM partner, Germany

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