What’s new

  1. Updated work with automatic lathes
  2. Updated 2D Contour operation: stock for levels, turning off contours

New in working with automatic lathes in SprutCAM

In this update, we have completed the programming of automatic lathes. All announced features are now included. To explain the basic principles of programming automatic lathes, the main developer recorded a video for 35 minutes.

We have added an example machine to the SprutCAM distribution. Now you can follow the same steps as in the video above.

New in 2D contour operation

Added the ability to set stock for the upper and lower levels in the work order.

Added the ability to turn off or turn on the visibility of contours in a work order.

What we made easier

  • Added on/off turning mode in leads and retracts for milling machines with boring function
  • Updated settings parameters for kinematic robot models in MachineMaker
  • Updated settings parameters for kinematic machine models in MachineMaker
  • Added Nachi robots to MachineMaker

What’s fixed

  • Fixed errors when setup editing
  • Fixed errors in saving a machine in MachineMaker
  • Fixed bugs in chamfering operation
  • Fixed bugs with visualization of rotation direction
  • Fixed bugs with importing models from KOMPAS CAD program
  • Fixed bugs with importing models from T-Flex
  • Fixed bugs related with changing the coordinate system
  • Fixed bugs in 5D mesh operation
  • Fixed bugs in SprutCAM and MachineMaker interface
  • Fixed errors with verification by the NC code
  • Fixed a bug in the operation Finish waterline optimized
  • Fixed bugs when moving along arcs
  • Fixed transition errors
  • Fixed a bug when updating SprutCAM that caused a computer restart
  • Fixed errors when importing 3dm files
  • Fixed problems when saving projects in MachineMaker
  • Fixed bugs with automatic sorting of operations by tool
  • Fixed errors in solid modeling of thread milling
  • Fixed a bug with the interruption of the calculation of the execution of the operation based on the text of the UE
  • Fixed bugs in EDM operations

In total, 134 changes have been made to SprutCAM X containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications about the release of the new release and can upgrade.

If you have any issues, please, contact our support team.