MTX Cover prototype by hnengineering

Project of using SprutCAM X Robot by hnengineering_

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Our UAV MTX at PMRobotics did evolve over a few Versions. So the Molds and Plugs were modified during the process. For example, these cover holes were put into our spec by hand on the current molds. But we wanted to integrate these holes into our production process.

– Scanning with @Creaform Handyscan 700
– Aligning with the CAD Models
– Reverse Engineering the Hole Position into the existing Data
– Design and Production of the Vacuum Mold
– Cutout Data planned with
– And finally cut in our Robot Cell with the Kuka KR60.

As seen in the last Pictures on the First Prototype Cover. The Process yielded perfectly aligned holes.
I’m extremely happy with the Setup and the Workflow to bring these parts to the Next Level. »

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