What’s new

Polar interpolation new working principle.

New in polar interpolation mode

This update fixed the ability to work in the mode when the rotary axis is positioned at an angle different then 0.

Important: some post processors may not work with this mode. For the postprocessor to work correctly, you need to contact the postprocessor developer.

If you enable the Start at C=0 option, then the interpolation cycle will start at the axis position C=0.

Added 3 ways to display rapid motions.

No interpolation – rapid motions outside the cycle.

Rapid feed – the feed will be inside the interpolation cycle, it can be set as a percentage of the working one.

Idling feed – the feed will be inside the interpolation cycle as an idle feed

Also added option of negative radial coordinate.

What’s fixed

  • Fixed a bug causing a black screen when opening projects with a robot
  • Fixed a bug in the 2D Contour operation
  • Fixed the occurrence of critical errors
  • Fixed a bug with the removal of residues when reordering
  • Fixed a bug with duplication of commands in the interception operation
  • Fixed a bug with filing a return
  • Fixed a bug with the selection of parameters in the inspector of turning operations
  • Fixed bug when scrolling
  • Fixed an import error from a library in MachineMaker
  • Fixed bugs with Dobot TCP in MachineMaker
  • Fixed the appearance of critical errors in MachineMaker
  • Fixed a bug with robot axis limits in MachineMaker
  • Fixed errors when working with five-axis machines in MachineMaker
  • Fixed a bug when turning on feed in the Paint operation
  • Fixed a bug with ignoring the disabled operation in the simulation
  • Fixed bug with sync points
  • Fixed bug with C-axis control in 3-axis operation
  • Fixed bugs with localization
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of notification about updating SprutCAM if there is not enough space on the hard disk
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect operation of the custom operation
  • Fixed a bug with the axial allowance in the Rough layered operation

A total of 42 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications about the release of the new release and can upgrade.

If you have any issues, please, contact our support team.