Now with SprutCAM X you can program CNC machines as well as design parts
Free trial

Try a 30-day trial license. No functional limits

Built in SprutCAM X

CAD embedded in SprutCAM X

Fully parametric

Change dimensions of the 3D model at any time

Knowledge base

Online courses, a knowledge base and the forum

Complete workflow

CAD editor is embedded in SprutCAM X. Only SprutCAM X installation required.

Design models of

  • parts;
  • workpieces;
  • fixtures.

Use them for machining.

To start designing you just need  to switch tabs.

The designed parts are instantly available for NC programming.

Useful tools


Tool for quick rounding of corners


Tool for mirroring model elements

Circular pattern

Tool for circular propagation of elements


Tool for specifying the size of any elements


Symmetry tool between lines, holes and corners

Curve import

Tool to import a curve into your sketch

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SprutCAM X Essentials

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Your first milling project

Follow instructions to make your first milling project in SprutCAM X

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Step by step courses on SprutCAM X, SprutCAM X Robot, MachineMacer and CAD redactor. You may to learn work in programs

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