Dizart CNC school on the News

We are very proud of many of our customers and their achievements. Today we will show you a report from Sarajevo, Dizart company. Earlier, we have already talked about them.

A bit about Dizart:

Dizart CNC has been producing CNC machines intended for different applications for the past 15 years.

The first CNC router product left our shop in 2005, the first CO2 laser in 2010, the first 3D printer in 2011, the first plasma machine in 2014, and the first laser cutter for the metal in 2015. Our client base has been steadily growing throughout our company history.

Currently, our machines are working in 4 countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, 5 countries of the EU, and in the US and Australia through our distribution channels present there.

Since October 2018, Dizart CNC with Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo support has been providing training and education for CNC operators and programmers.

More information about them you can find on their site: dizart.edu.ba

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