SprutCAM X users and partners will meet with the system’s developers in Limassol in June 2023


SprutCAM Tech, Europe’s leading independent developer of software products for CNC machines and industrial robots, will bring together SprutCAM X users, resellers and technology partners from around the world for its first-ever conference of this magnitude – SprutCAM X World. The conference is taking place June 12-15, 2023 in Limassol, the economic, financial, cultural and tourist center of the Republic of Cyprus, where SprutCAM Tech is headquartered. The conference venue will be Atlantica Miramare Beach Hotel, where the participants will be provided with all they need for fruitful work, professional communication and comfortable rest.

At the same time, the main vector of SprutCAM X development remains unchanged – to become the world’s #1 solution by implementing the Offline Programming of Industrial Robots (OLP) technology in the product. OLP makes it possible to run a new machining program on a robot in just a few hours, whereas with traditional online programming, the same task requires several days. Thus, the production cycle is considerably reduced, the company launches new products in demand by customers faster, and the use of robots becomes economically justified even for a small-scale production.

But not only already available products will be discussed at the SprutCAM X World conference. The developers promise to please the community of users and partners with surprises. In particular, at the event will be presented a beta-version of a completely new, still secret product from SprutCAM Tech.

Besides the developers, SprutCAM Tech technological and business partners will play an important role at the SprutCAM X World Conference. They will present their customers’ projects and tell how companies from a wide variety of industries and countries around the world are making products right now, increasing productivity and reducing costs with SprutCAM X. Users and partners who have distinguished themselves in the application and promotion of SprutCAM X over the past year will receive awards and gifts.

How to develop business, how to build mutually beneficial relationships between the developer, partner and customer, how to take into account the specifics of markets in different countries, how to establish efficient communication between partners, vendors and each other? The business part of the conference will cover these and many other topics. SprutCAM Tech’s new sales and marketing program in key markets will also be announced at the conference.

Co-founder SprutCAM Tech

Andrei Kharatsidi, co-founder SprutCAM Tech:

“Together with our resellers and customers from all over the world, we will discuss current issues and needs, look into the future and shape the vision for the New Generation of our software products. You will have an active role in these discussions. We have exciting things planned for our time together: outstanding speakers, interactive breakouts, plenty of networking time and technical classes. We’ll be glad to see you with your spouse, kids and friends: here everyone will find a warm sea and a lot of entertainment. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the premiere of SprutCAM X 17, meet SprutCAM Tech key people and your counterparts from all over the world while having fun in Cyprus. We look forward to seeing You!”

You can explore the conference program, check out the lineup of speakers, and most importantly, register and choose the most convenient participant package on the SprutCAM X World website. Remember, the number of places is limited, and registration will be closed as soon as all places are booked