Small wooden box by Tormach machine

This box project was created by roguetoolpath with the help of SprutCAM X and Tormach machine for the Valentine’s Day.

“Another router project to use up small scraps of hardwood! Or worthy pf your finest stock:) Some precision wood working done here. Allowance for finish thickness must be included in models so they fit properly and open as desired. Will be making some larger ones this season for gifts.”

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CAM SprutCAM中的2.5倍和3倍磨
CAM SprutCAM中的四轴铣削
CAM SprutCAM中的车床
CAM SprutCAM中的铣削
CAM SprutCAM中的多轴
CAM SprutCAM中的高速和自适应处理
CAM SprutCAM中的瑞士和MTM
CAM SprutCAM中的5D和6D切割
CAM SprutCAM中的加性和混合处理
CAM SprutCAM中的2D切割处理

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