Neptune: Project Using 3D Scanning and Robotics

Neptune: An Exciting Project Using 3D Scanning and Robotics from our Spain partners – MecDATA.

Neptune is a project that utilizes 3D scanning and robotics to create a 3.5-meter-high replica of a 50cm resin figure, which was originally painted with glossy paint. The team’s goal is to retain the original’s details and texture while crafting it from polystyrene foam.

The team began by using the Thor3D Drake scanner to scan the original figure. It only took 0.5 hours to scan, and the resulting file size was 38MB. They then processed the scan’s mesh and modified some parts to suit the client’s preferences, while still retaining the original design’s integrity.

To facilitate the manufacturing process, the team divided the model into several parts. They used the SprutCAM X Robot, software to program paths for each piece’s manufacturing using a milling robot. This ensured precise and accurate milling of each piece, leaving no room for errors.

The final product is a stunning replica of the original figure, with all details and texture replicated faithfully. The team has demonstrated how 3D scanning and robotics can create accurate replicas of objects, even on a large scale. These technologies are becoming more advanced every day, opening up endless possibilities for future projects.

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