Lathe machining

Another interesting project with lathe, created bt roguetoolpath

“Some cam skill building with lathe module. Spending a little time setting up different lathe ops in different ways on a sample model. Hundreds of settings to understand, get tuned and working. Also job selection is not always a few easy clicks in the lathe module. Cam setup for a simple turners cube is little more work on a lathe then a mill. I find cam work to be a perishable skill that works best if you keep sharp.”

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CAM SprutCAM中的2.5倍和3倍磨
CAM SprutCAM中的四轴铣削
CAM SprutCAM中的车床
CAM SprutCAM中的铣削
CAM SprutCAM中的多轴
CAM SprutCAM中的高速和自适应处理
CAM SprutCAM中的瑞士和MTM
CAM SprutCAM中的5D和6D切割
CAM SprutCAM中的加性和混合处理
CAM SprutCAM中的2D切割处理

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