On 11 August 2022 we hosted a webinar on Swiss lathe programming. Please find the webinar recording below.

Webinar recording

Please find the recording of the webinar on swiss lathe programming in SprutCAM X below:

  • Swiss type lathe in detail
  • Swiss lathe machining project template
  • Programming of a bar feeder
  • Cut off and takeover
  • Consecutive and multichannel representation of a project
  • Independent machining in the main and sub spindles
  • Synchronous machining by axial tools
  • Long shafts machining in the synchronized spindles
  • Basics of the swiss lathe scheme assembly
  • Basics of the postprocessors development


Date and time of the archived webinar:

August 11, 2022, 10:00 am CEST


How to participate in the next webinar:

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