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Stone, Wood and Foam Resin machining
Main features

Native 6-axis toolpath calculation

Toolpath calculation for robots in SprutCAM is performed in native robot kinematics. Each of the robot’s axes can be optimized either automatically or manually to extend the reach zone, avoid collisions, or improve machining conditions.

Watch this step-by-step SprutCAM Robot workflow video  

Narrated by the senior developer

Main features


Comprehensive toolpath pack for robot milling: 45 roughing and finishing milling toolpaths

For 20 years we are developing CAD/CAM software for CNC machine programming – SprutCAM. During this period we developed huge amount of toolpaths for 2.5-, 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining for CNC machines.

Now all these toolpaths are available for industrial robots milling in SprutCAM Robot.

SprutCAM milling toolpath

New in SprutCAM Robot 14

5D by meshes toolpath

The new 5D By Meshes operation works on triangular meshes and surfaces alike and provides powerful strategies for 5 axis surface finishing milling.

The most advanced strategy, scallop, makes finishing of complex shapes, such as sculptures, as simple as one click.

Main features

Redundant axes control

With SprutCAM Robot you can precisely control robot movement or rails and 1- or 2-axis rotary table
Control movement on rails
Control turn and incline the desk
Main features

Tools for your workflow

Simulation is built in and no switching between applications is required. Material removal is simulated too. Avoid collisions, work zone limits, and singularities with the help of powerful optimization tools.

Robot milling examples

Foam milling
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia
Mold pattern milling with KUKA robot
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia
Velichko Velikov, SprutCAM partner, UK
Velichko Velikov, SprutCAM partner, UK
Robotic milling accuracy test
Special Patterns, SprutCAM partner, Australia
Stäubli robotic aluminum milling
SoliCADcz, SprutCAM partner, Czech Republic
KUKA robot mills foam sculptures
CAD/CAM Systeme Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co., SprutCAM partner, Germany

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