Milling process on Hermle C 400 machine

Sacher has released a new video showcasing how they produce a distance base for a palletizing system. To accomplish this, they use a Hermle C400 machine and SprutCAM X software.

The Hermle C400 is a high-precision milling machine that allows for the creation of complex and precise parts with a high degree of accuracy. It boasts a variety of advanced features and capabilities, including a high-speed spindle, automatic tool changers, and a multi-axis milling head.

SprutCAM X software is a powerful tool for CNC programming that enables the creation of intricate toolpaths and machining strategies for milling and turning operations. It facilitates efficient and precise programming of the Hermle C400 machine.

In the video, you can observe the use of different cutting tools and milling strategies, such as contouring, pocketing, and drilling, to create the distance base. The end result is a high-precision part that meets the exact specifications of the client.

Sacher produces dozens of new elements every day at their production facility, utilizing similar tools and technologies. They take pride in their ability to produce intricate and precise parts in an efficient and effective manner, while also enjoying the process of milling.

Overall, the production process of the distance base for the palletizing system, as demonstrated in this video, serves as a testament to the power and capabilities of contemporary milling technology. With the right tools and expertise, it is possible to produce high-precision parts efficiently and effectively, all while enjoying the process of milling.

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