What’s new

  • New interface
  • New Solid simulation
  • Improved smart hints
  • Swiss-type machines support
  • Probing
  • Updated 2D and 3D CAD
  • Welding operation improvements
  • Robot painting improvement
  • EDM improvements
New MachineMaker version:
  • Online library: robots and other equipment
  • CNC machines support
Full LIST oF what’s new
SprutCAM X demo

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Post Processor

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Jump-start video lesson for first
steps. After finishing this lesson
you will understand the essentials:
main concepts, how interface works,
how to calculate toolpaths, adjust
parameters, launch simulation and
get postprocessed NC code.

Mill-turn tutorial which will show you that complex mill-turn machine with turret
can be a breeze if you are doing it in SprutCAM X.

Watch how to create your first robot control program. We show it from zero to program launch. Including robot cell creation in MachineMaker, TCP calibration, simple robot project in SprutCAM X, postprocessing and launch.

Watch how to create a post proccessor for your CNC machine with .NET technology

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Latest news

  • rollong surface

Wooden rolling surfaces

Wooden rolling surface created by elka_studios "This translation from immaterial to physical gets me every time. Its lovely to have some playtime to use the loft and patch [...]

SprutCAM X webinar recording (11 August 2022)

On 11 August 2022 we hosted a webinar on Swiss lathe programming. Please find the webinar recording below. Webinar recording Please find the recording of the webinar on swiss lathe programming in [...]

New in SprutCAM X release 16.2

What's new Updated Hole machining operation: parameters, interface Updated the 5D operation on the surface New in Hole machining operation The interface of the Hole Properties and Create [...]

  • Kuka robot programming

Canoe milling with Kuka robot

Canoe project by ECCOM company, using the Kuka robot. " Here we made an almost 5 meter long mold for a canoe out of MDF. Total weight of the model was about [...]