Decorations creation for XL Israel

If you go to festivals and concerts, you’ve probably seen the magnificent scenery on the stages. But have you ever wondered who creates them and how? Our client, who uses SprutCAM X Robot in their work, yairworkshop, has revealed the process behind these creations and invites you to see the amount of work involved.

The video showcases a glimpse of how the decoration for XL Israel was made, but more information and photos can be found on yairworkshop’s Facebook page. The team invested a lot of effort and time to achieve the amazing result seen on stage. They worked on the project for a month.

All who worked for this amazing project: Elad Cohen and the company g.CONVERSATION for giving them the freedom to explore their creative ideas. Also B-safe who provided engineering insights that were critical in bringing the project to life.

Overall, the process of creating the impressive stage decorations at festivals and concerts requires collaboration and hard work. The video shared by yairworkshop is evidence of the creativity and dedication that goes into making these magnificent structures.

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