SprutCAM at Luckler Medical (Feedback)

We’ve got great feedback from our reseller MECDATA about their customer Luckler Medical.

Luckler Medical is a company dedicated to manufacturing different dental sector components. To carry out our production we have 3D scanning systems and CAD systems for the generation and personalized modification of each element to be manufactured.

«The sector in which we are working demands a high level of quality and very high precision and we had different difficulties in the 5x machining process. We started looking in the CAM systems market and they told us about Sprutcam, we contacted MECDATA and they offered us the chance to test the product. In a short time, we saw the great versatility and ease of use of the system while offering high-quality finishes. These qualities made us decide to replace our CAM system with several licenses of Sprutcam Fresa 5x. SprutCAM is for us the software that will give us the possibility of manufacturing new parts, specific for the dental sector, in record time and at a very competitive price».

Vio Popescu – Luckler Medical Technical Director

«El sector en el que estamos trabajando nos exige una gran nivel de calidad y una precisión muy elevada y teníamos diferentes dificultades en el proceso de mecanizado en 5x.Nos pusimos a buscar en el mercado de sistemas CAM y nos hablaron de Sprutcam, contactamos con MECDATA y nos ofrecieron la posibilidad de probar el producto. En poco tiempo vimos la gran versatilidad y la facilidad de uso del sistema , ofreciendo a sus vez una gran calidad en sus acabados. Esas cualidades nos hicieron decidir a substituir nuestro sistema de CAM por varias licencias de Sprutcam Fresa 5x. SprutCAM es para nosotros el software que nos dará la posibilidad de poder fabricar nuevas piezas, especificas para el sector dental, en un tiempo récord y a un precio muy competitivo».

Vio Popescu – Director técnico Luckler Medical


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