CNC school for children in Bosnia

In the video, Jasmin explains his future plans.

Until one year ago he only built CNC machines and next to that he has his school. Jasmin started this school with his own money, so no government was involved. He started his school to give children a chance to learn a profession like CNC programmer, operator or technical developer, etc… After the war in Former Yugoslavia, everything was destroyed. So Jasmin started his school to give children a future. But this interview was not especially about the school, it was more about the future of his company. He believes very strong in robotics and what all is possible concerning machining with robots. So he was explaining that he sold his CNC machines company and that from now on his focus will be fully on robots, powered by SprutCAM Robot of course. Within 6 months he wants to have 3 demo robot cells ready, one for milling, one for 3D/5D printing, and one for plasma cutting. His school will remain as it is. He will keep learning kids CNC, but it will be expanded with robotics.


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