New algorithm for wall recognition for EDM operations

SprutCAM allows you to program 2-4-axis EDM machines. You can read more about the functionality here: Wire EDM Programming

In this update, we have added a new 3D wall recognition algorithm for EDM. To do this, select all the surfaces to be machined and click on the new “Ruled faces” button. The algorithm does not use flat edges at the top and bottom levels, so there is no constraint on the necessarily flat top and bottom levels. This allows you to specify walls with different levels along the Z-axis as a job assignment.

New machining operation for 4D surfacing operation

SprutCAM has 6 operations for a full 4-axis machining of augers, blades, gear wheels, balusters. Using these operations, you can easily obtain the desired tool path by selecting parameters and visually controlling the result.

In this update, we added a surface normal tool orientation mode on the Strategy tab.

Bug fixes

With the release of new versions of KOMPAS 3D, many users began to complain about errors when importing 3D models into SprutCAM. This was due to the fact that SprutCAM used only API5. In this release, our programmers have added support for API7. Now SprutCAM supports both types of interface: API5 and API7, where necessary.


  • Fixed problem with hanging SprutCAM under certain actions
  • Fixed errors in turning operations during approach
  • Fixed a bug when working with machines list
  • Fixed a bug when working with the “Delete leftovers” function
  • Fixed bug with the help of a postprocessor generator
  • Fixed a bug with documents in Russian
  • Fixed bugs with the window messages to technical support
  • Problems with the offline license activation is fixed
  • Fixed bug in paint simulation
  • Fixed a bug in the Surfacing 5D operation
  • Fixed bugs with visualization of lathe kinematic models of machine tools developed for previous versions of SprutCAM
  • Fixed errors when importing 3D models from SolidWorks 2020
  • Improved Welding operation
  • Improved 5D Surface operation
  • Improved 5D Contour operation

In total, we made 115 changes to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.