SprutCAM Update Notification

Now a notification about the new SprutCAM update will appear in the window for sending a message to a technical support.

It happens that I urgently need to do some work on the computer, but there is an update that takes 20-30 minutes. Of course, at such moments I forbid to update but after finishing the work, I forget about it. And in general, all these updates are very annoying.

But if you skip the SprutCAM update notifications and continue working in the outdated version, this is what you may get.

The user has a problem with SprutCAM. He sent a request to support. The next day, he receives an answer that this problem is already solved, and he just needs to update the soft. As a result, he spent a day or two to find out that everything is already solved.

Therefore, when faced with a problem, you open a message window to support, and you have an outdated version of SprutCAM, we will suggest you upgrade first. And it might save your time.

Custom visualization Settings

We added the ability to edit the settings with the control key, including inverting the direction of rotation with the mouse wheel: it brings it closer and moves it away. Previously, you could only choose from ready-made schemes.

It is uncomfortable for the user, who works in different programs where he has different key configurations. To avoid this, you can spend 2-3 minutes and bring everything to a single scheme of work.

To do this, move the cursor over SprutCAM in the upper left corner and click on the Settings label. In the appeared window, go to the visualization tab, and in the Key Mapping parameter select the desired scheme or create your own.

Two new types of arc breaking for EDM equipment

New parameters have been added to the settings of EDM machines: divide into absolute quadrants and into absolute halves.

Divide into quadrates. This is the default now.

Divide into absolute quadrates. With new parameters.

Для ряда оборудований важно, чтобы окружности разбивались относительно нуля системы координат отверстия. For some equipment, it is important that the circles are staked out relative to zero of the hole coordinate system. The screenshots above differences are shown.

New option for set the transitions in the Adaptive Roughing operation

In the Adaptive roughing operation, in the Links / Leads section, we added the Go up if farther parameter. This parameter forcibly raises the cutter to the safe plane if the transition length is greater than the specified one.

Also in this section, there is the Short link max distance parameter. Let’s see what is the difference between them, and in which cases should be used.

During roughing operation, there are some paths without material cutting. To reduce the computing time needed to perform these transitions on an accelerated move. But if such transitions are insignificant in magnitude, the machine will begin to twitch, it will accelerate, then brake sharply. This increases drive wear and shortens equipment life. Therefore, it is better to make such transitions on a working feed. The Short link max distance parameter is responsible for changing the feed rate at transitions.

If the transition is less than the specified value, then the feed of the transition is turned on. And if the transition value is greater than the specified, then the return feed is turned on. You can set these feeds on the Feeds tab.

In the screenshot below, the path where Transition Feed is turned on is blue, Return Feed is purple.

If tooling is loaded into SprutCAM, then the transitions through the tooling are automatically built on a safe plane to avoid collisions. And if there is no obstruction, then the path will go without lifting.

But often users work without 3D models of equipment, because It is necessary to transfer NC code to the machine in a short time, and there is no time for detailed preparation of the project. In this case, you use the Go up if farther option.

If the transition is less than the specified value, then it will be without lifting. And if the transition is greater than this value, then the cutter will make it along the safe plane. On the screenshot below red – a lift to a safe plane level and transitions on the rapid feed when the parameter Go up if farther.

That’s what we’ve got.

The Maximum distance parameter is responsible for the feed rate during the transition. If the transition is short, then the feed of the transition will turn on, if the transition is long, then the feed of the return.

The Go up if farther parameter is responsible for the forced transition along the safe plane if it is greater than the specified value.

Bug fixes

Now, if the operation does not contain movements, a notification about this will appear when starting the toolpath calculation. And in the general operations list, it will have the status Not calculated (white sheet).


  • Fixed problem with loss of access to protected postprocessors and machine models
  • Fixed a bug with choosing a cutting tool for a 5D mesh operation
  • Fixed bugs in the new interpolation method
  • Fixed bugs in the collision accounting function
  • Fixed bugs with displaying mandrels
  • Fixed bugs in hole recognition function
  • Fixed bugs in 2D Contour operation
  • Fixed bugs in Sketch mode
  • Fixed freeze of SprutCAM installer
  • Fixed infeed parameter in turning operations
  • Fixed bugs in FBM operation
  • Fixed a bug with the “Stand” correction parameter in the thread milling operation
  • Fixed bugs in internal turning operations
  • Fixed bugs with saving projects
  • Fixed a bug with displaying information about blocked operations in the Tolls list
  • Fixed bugs in the 5D Surfacing operation
  • Fixed bugs with generating arcs with circular interpolation
  • Fixed a bug in the Roughing adaptive operation when cuts at inner corners
  • Fixed toolpath when orienting tool to rotary axis
  • Fixed a bug when working with a conical tool
  • Fixed bugs leading to SprutCAM freezing
  • Fixed the location of the tool window
  • Fixed errors in the thread table
  • Fixed bugs with modeling the rotation of the lathe spindle
  • Fixed bugs when working with loops
  • Fixed a bug with the “Delete leftovers” option
  • Fixed a bug with operations renaming
  • Fixed bug with SprutCAM update
  • Improved work with tool creation in turning operations for Swiss type machines
  • Improved toolpath calculation in 3D offset operation
  • Improved CNC turning operation
  • Improved 5D mesh operation
  • Improved the axes map of the robot
  • Improved work with tools list templates

In total, we made 102 changes to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.