New UI

We have completely redesigned the main window: the buttons use less space, the work has become faster. 3D lighting, details and shadows are now better. It is more pleasant for eyes to work.

New operations

New Adaptive SC High Speed Machining operation. Rapid calculation, super-flexible parameters for demanding users, better tool life due to cutting into workpiece using Roll-In Technique.

This operation machining the mesh models. There are strategies at this operation: Scallop, Helical, Parallel to plane.

Plunge roughing, 5D surface for cladding, check holder in roughing waterline and 3D operations, Collision avoidance for links.

New simulation method: Rock Solid

Workpiece model is polygonal. No rasterization. High accuracy for big solids with lots of fine details. perfect for prismatic parts machining.
Simulation is up to 3 times faster.

New 2D CAD

Finally. Completely new 2D editor. You can make drawings and auxiliary construction for technological operations. 2D CAD editor is made on the basis of synchronous technology and has the possibility of parametric modeling.

And also: PMI import, integration with TeamCenter, G-code based milling.