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How Grinding / Polishing works

Simulate and test your Grinding / Polishing operation on your PC. SprutCAM Robot has all that you need for it.

All the work is done in an interactive mode. The CAD/CAM system helps you to quickly create a grinding/polishing toolpath.

  1. Add a special operation – 5D Contouring
  2. Generate a toolpath
  3. Simulate and verify it
  4. Edit the toolpath interactively if necessary
  5. Start your robot with the G-code obtained

In SprutCAM Robot you can combine grinding / polishing with other operations. For example you can use grinding / polishing after a pick-and-place operation.

Use diverse equipment

The robot can hold a workpiece or a tool


Robot is holding the Grinding/Polishing tool. The workpiece is in a special holder, for example a vise.


Robot is holding the workpiece. The tool (for instance a polishing belt) does Grinding or Polishing.

Use various robots

SprutCAM Robot has a comprehensive library of 3D models and postprocessors for robots

Main features

for a productive workflow
Main features

Simulation in real time

In SprutCAM Robot you work with a 3D model of your robot cell. Because it’s convenient and visual.
Our library has more than 300 models of robots usable out of the box.

You can build your robot cell in our special app – MachineMaiker 2.0

Main features

Control additional axes

Besides the robot and CNC machine themselves, SprutCAM ensures control of an unlimited number of linear and rotary positioning axes.

Main features

Full Grinding / Polishing process control

Our Axis map tool helps to easily detect and bypass collisions:

  • Envelope limitations;
  • “Out of reach” cases;
  • Singularities;
  • Other collisions.

You can correct your toolpath automatically or do it manually selecting points on the curve.

Best working experience

You get all you need for effecient and сonvenient work 🚀 🚀 🚀

Use our library

A comprehensive library of CNC machines 3D models and postprocessors. Simply install SprutCAM and start using it.

Or create a new machine or machining cell

Use our special app MachineMaker 2.0.
Zero-code tool for building Robot cells. MachineMaker is included in the SprutCAM Robot installation package.

Robot model in MachineMaker 2.0Robot model in SprutCAM Robot


Our clients are already using Grinding/Polishing operations in their manufacturing workflow

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