SprutCAM for PressMetal (Greece)

Our reseller from Greece kindly shared the story of one of his customers, for whom the past year was difficult, as it was for everyone. They opened SprutCAM and its functionality.

PressMetal approached us in the middle of last year to purchase SprutCam software. In such difficult situations when all over the country completely closed all enterprises due to which the economy began to decline, PressMetal decided to expand and improve their activities. They purchased a HAAS CM 1 numerical control machine to improve their work. This company specializes in the manufacture of cups, medals, awards, etc.

This is a very interesting job. They approach work not only from a technical point of view but also with creativity.

Up to this point, the staff had no experience with CNC machines, and work with the CAM program. We trained the staff to work with SprutCAM taking into account all the peculiarities and subtleties of this direction.

At the moment, PressMetal is working on the release of medals, awards, commemorative medals that are timed to coincide with the bicentennial anniversary of the beginning of the national liberation struggle in Greece. Which ultimately led to the end of the centuries-old Ottoman imperial rule.

Thank you for your trust!

Photos and text courtesy of Yuriy from CAD/CAM/CNC Greece.


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