What’s new

  1. MachineMaker is updated: new robots, new import, new interface
  2. A new principle of working with fixtures
  3. Updated the parameters window in the feed control mode

New in MachineMaker

In this update, we have added support for  HeavyDuty or High Playload robots. Also, on the 3D Model tab, the crank mechanism of the robot (Joint 2_2) and the balancer (Joint 2_1) are now marked separately. 

Here is a complete list of robot manufacturers that MachineMaker supports: Toshiba, Staubli, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Manutec, ABB, Aubo, Cloos, Comau, Denso, Epson, Estun, Ever, Fanuc, Hiwin, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Kuka, Motoman, Nachi, SunLIFia, Turin, Universal Robots

The interface of the main window has been changed. Now the system settings and the robotic complex settings are located separately. A full-fledged panel has appeared for setting cells and mechanisms. Now it is possible to set additional parameters for external axes.

Now MachineMaker supports importing colors from 3D models. In addition, added support for importing 3D models in formats: JT, STL, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge. The import will work even if these CAD systems are not installed.

MachineMaker is available in SprutCAM 15 only. This application for the design of robotic cells. You can load a 3D model of the robot, add stationary tables, rotary positioners, rails, two or three-axis portals. Then import directly into SprutCAM. We had a webinar where we discussed in detail how to work with it. You can watch it on the youtube channel (Webinar in Russian).

New in fixtures

This update introduces the Glue menu when working with the snap-in. Now it is possible to position the fixture quickly and accurately in relation to the part. And place the overall assembly on the table of your machine.

Important: Smart Bindings must be enabled to work properly.

How it works

The blue circle indicates the first surface on the vise, and the red circle indicates the second surface on the workpiece to be mated. The vise will then automatically attach to the workpiece.

To set the exact position of the workpiece in the vise, first turn the vise 90 degrees, and then move the red dot to the center of the edge of the workpiece.

The blue dot is the center of the vise. Set the distance from the center of the vise to accurately position the workpiece. And also adjust the position of the jaws to the workpiece.

The blue point can be moved to any other location, for example, to the corner of the vise. And set the distance from this corner.

After that, go to the Setup tab and open a window with the Workpiece setup. This activates the Glue mode. In this way, the workpiece can be quickly positioned with the vise on the machine table.

The blue circle indicates the first surface on the vise. To determine the center of the vise, click on the Snap by two points and a vector button.

And the red circle indicates the second surface on the mating machine table.

In interactive mode, fine-tune the position of the workpiece with the vice on the machine table relative to the center of the table.

Using the mouse, drag the workpiece coordinate system G54 to the center of the part. Smart bindings helps you do this.

Now you can design the machining operations.

New in the parameters window in the feed control mode

We have special operations with individual settings that are required by our users. For example, this is often used for welding operations.

In this update, you can adjust these parameters for different sections of the path in feed control mode.


  • Sped up the work of fixtures modeling
  • When you send a message to tech. support from MachineMaker automatically attaches a kinematic model
  • Updated support for Autodesk Inventor to version 2022 in the Add-ons Wizard
  • Updated axis map interface


  • Fixed bugs when working with MachineMaker
  • Fixed bugs in the Pick and Place operation
  • Fixed bugs in 5D mesh operation
  • Fixed bugs in the Adaptive Turning operation
  • Fixed bugs when working with snap-in
  • Fixed bugs when working with a new type of postprocessors
  • Fixed errors when working with the Measuring tool
  • Fixed a bug when opening projects with the SprutCAM window is minimized
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of the hole when modeling
  • Fixed bugs with the position of the cutter and the direction of the spindle rotation
  • Fixed bugs when importing models from T-Flex
  • Fixed bugs in Tools list templates
  • Visualization bugs are fixed
  • Fixed bugs in Chamfer operation

A total of 43 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.

Если вам не приходило уведомление свяжитесь с нами по телефону 8-800-302-96-90 либо оставив сообщение в вацап: +79956875998