Toolpath map for 5 axis machines, New tools in axis map, Minor fixes

New axis map for machine tools and robots

The Robot axis map can now be used to deflect the tool along and perpendicular to the direction of movement. The lean angle and the lead angle

Map axes for the machine – completely new feature. Now lean angle and lead angle are available in 5-axis machines. You can reject the tool for processing high walls or tilt forward / backward along the direction of movement so that the milling cutter works more optimally.

See how it looks in the video:

Axis Map Window Enhancements

We improved the visual display of graphs.

  • Now all the axes of the machine are divided into tabs so that you can quickly switch between them;
  • Calculation of cards now begins from the middle, and not from the edges. So useful information appears on the map before;
  • It is not necessary to wait until the end of the card calculation. If all the useful information on the map appeared before the end of the calculation, the calculation can be interrupted. The result is saved.

Editing the path for multi-axis cutting for robots and 5-axis machines

It happens that the actual geometry of the part for the cutting operation differs from the 3D model. Now you can manually make an adjustment to the path and process the part without correcting the model.

Minor update

  • Added new OEM code
  • Fixed: Changing a point dimension in Lathe contouring is lost after pressing Reset
  • The usage of the processor cores is optimized for the map calulation
  • Cladding 3D – check workpiece feature resolved
  • Fixed: creation of the coordinate system by points wrong z
  • G-code based simulation: Reduced delay in updating line status for step-by-step simulation from the current node to the end of the operation list
  • G-code based milling operation: Fixed bug: For a small width, the number of characters displayed in the title of the name of the “Job assignment” parameter panel was reduced; Fixed flickering of the scroll bar of the NC file text editor when resizing the “Job assignment” parameter panel
  • The output of “Physicgoto” is blocked if the current machine is not a a robot. Parameter “collision avoidance for links” is available for the robots only.
  • Fixed: container manager does not close after container copying fail

Online library

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