Interactive change of feed along the machining contour

Added new functionality for 4D and 5D contour operations. Now for the selected machining contour, you can define feed sections that are different from the cutting feed of the entire operation.

Thus it is possible to add two or more sections. And also fine-tune the size of the area and enable a gradual change in feed in percent or in steps.

The functionality is still being finalized and tested for convenience. Later, we will release a detailed video about the principles of work.

Updated the “Extrude by Curves” window for defining a workpiece

In SprutCAM, you can define a workpiece in four ways: load a 3D model of a workpiece, select one of seven primitives, rotate around an axis or by extruding contours.

The window used to be like this:

It became like this:

In this update, we added the ability to select the direction of extrusion directly when selecting a path.

Bug fixes

In this release, our programmers have updated the template for the tools list. You can test it by selecting Default_Rus.odt


  • Fixed problem with hanging SprutCAM under certain actions
  • Fixed the appearance of a critical error when changing the language
  • Fixed the appearance of a critical error when working with FBM operations
  • Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the robot axis map when changing equipment in a project from a machine to a robot
  • Fixed a bug with calling the English manual in the Russian version
  • Fixed problem with exporting 2D contour to dxf file
  • Fixed localization errors for buttons in sketch mode
  • Fixed bugs in turning operations
  • Fixed a bug with machining levels after resetting the operation calculation
  • Fixed 2D Contour operation
  • Fixed a bug in the Profile threading operation
  • Changed the drilling cycle in the standard postprocessor Sinumerik (840D) _Mill
  • Fixed a graphical bug with the appearance of gray windows when creating some operations
  • Fixed problem with Avira antivirus
  • Improved new interpolation algorithm
  • Improved adaptive machining strategy in roughing waterline operation
  • Improved 5D Surface operation
  • Improved 5D Contour operation
  • Improved the “Generate Control Programs” window

In total, we made 112 changes to SprutCAM, containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.