What’s new

  1. Updated thread tables for turning operations
  2. Added option for parallel strategies: Machining order

Updated thread tables for turning operations

SprutCAM has operations for turning external and internal threads. In order not to fill in the parameters each time, thread libraries are connected to these operations. In this release, we have updated the libraries.

Libraries are:

  1. Compression HKT threads — Pump threads. PUMP AND COMPRESSOR PIPES GOST 633-80
  2. Cylindrical pipe thread — CYLINDRICAL PIPE THREAD – for B-class (external – external and internal – internal) GOST 6357-8
  3. ISO metric screw thread — Metric thread. GOST 16093-81 presents the main tolerance fields 6g/6H.

There is a special operation for profile threads in SprutCAM.

Option for parallel strategy: Machining order

Added an option for machining order for a parallel strategy.

If you are using this strategy for a finishing pass, you must select either Direct or Reverse machining order. Then there will be no different marks from the cutter on the surface.

Available for operations: Roughing waterline, Horizontal sections machining, Sampling, 2.5D Sampling.

Direct machining order – the cutter path along the surface will be strictly from top to bottom

Reverse machining order – the cutter path on the surface will be strictly from bottom to top

Optimal machining order – the cutter path on the surface can be either from top to bottom or from bottom to top


  • Improved strategy: sample holes
  • Improved 5D mesh operation
  • Improved visualization in the setup map
  • Improved work with scripting operations
  • Improved work with the tool library
  • Improved functionality: maximum transition length without lifting
  • Improved the Fanuc interpreter: added control for the presence of all axes in the NC code and display the corresponding error
  • Calculator functionality in the coordinate system creation window is added


  • Fixed a bug with importing a 3D model in low quality rendering mode
  • Fixed a bug with importing a 3D model with an updated visualization scheme
  • Fixed a bug when working with 3D models of mandrels
  • Fixed a bug with visualization of the machining result
  • Fixed errors in the operation of network licenses
  • Fixed calling the window with object properties by double-clicking
  • Fixed bugs when working with Radeon video cards
  • Fixed errors in links to help
  • Fixed bug with Windows 7
  • Fixed the visualization of the rotation of the lathe spindle
  • Fixed bugs in turning operations
  • Fixed errors when working with the axes map
  • Fixed bugs in 5D surface operation
  • Fixed bugs in 5D contour operation
  • Fixed bugs in the avoid collision function
  • Fixed a bug in the Turning operation by NC
  • Fixed errors when calculating the path of transitions and returns
  • Fixed a bug in the retreat parameters
  • Fixed errors when importing operations
  • Fixed a bug with the tool tuning point
  • Fixed bugs in 2D contour operation
  • Fixed a bug with the tool window
  • Fixed errors in the thread table
  • Fixed bugs in the spindle control function
  • Fixed a bug in the hole recognition function
  • Fixed bugs in face milling operation

A total of 102 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.