Webinar invitation

We are happy to invite you to a webinar on the new version of SprutCAM. We will show the new user interface and what new capabilities does the new version open.

For the first time ever there will be a special section dedicated to SprutCAM worldwide sales statistics. There will also be a small section about product development and our vision for future versions of SprutCAM.

Based on our experience and the experience of successful SprutCAM resellers, we made a list of what is need to be done to become a successful SprutCAM reseller. This will be very helpful for the new resellers.

Webinar is free. Registration is required.

Date and time:
20th Feb. 2019
9:00 am CET

Primary topics

– International SprutCAM sales statistics overview for 2014 – 2018;
– What’s new in SprutCAM 12, v.11 and v.12 comparison;
– SprutCAM 12 interface overview;
– Special section: how and when to use: new simulation method (Rock Solid), new high speed Adaptive SC operation, new 2D CAD.
– SprutCAM product strategy;
– Instruction how to become successful SprutCAM reseller;
– Q&A.


Alex Groshev
Alex Groshev
Senior SprutCAM developer
Andrey Kharatsidi
Andrey Kharatsidi
Chief of marketing

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