What’s new

  1. MachineMaker Updates: new robots
  2. New parameter in 6D Contour operation
  3. New options for orientation of rotary axes

New in MachineMaker

In this update, we have added support for Newker robots.

Here is a complete list of robot manufacturers that MachineMaker supports: Toshiba, Staubli, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Manutec, ABB, Aubo, Cloos, Comau, Denso, Epson, Estun, Ever, Fanuc, Hiwin, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Kuka, Motoman, Nachi, SunLIFia, Turin, Newker, Universal Robots.

MachineMaker is available in SprutCAM 15 only. This application for the design of robotic cells. You can load a 3D model of the robot, add stationary tables, rotary positioners, rails, two or three-axis portals. Then import directly into SprutCAM. We had a webinar where we discussed in detail how to work with it. You can watch it on the youtube channel (Webinar in Russian).

New parameter in 6D Contour operation

Added a new parameter to the 6D Contour operation – To inverse odd curves

All the toolpaths are without inverting.

The tool moves to the start of the curve each time to make the next pass. To avoid this, it was necessary to specify the direction of the tool movement for each curve.

Now you can invert the direction of the passes in the 6D Contour operation.

Here is the toolpath with enabled invert option.

The tool now moves in the opposite direction on every odd pass. In this case, it is no longer necessary to specify the direction of tool path for each curve. It is very convenient if you have dozens or hundreds of such curves.

New options for orientation of rotary axes

SprutCAM has an option to automatically orient the rotary axes to orient the tool to the selected surface correctly.

Taking into account the kinematics of the machine, SprutCAM will automatically optimally orient the workpiece in relation to the tool.

This position of the rotary axes may not suit you for some reason. For example, such a position is unsafe for machining. Then you can correct the position of the axes manually or SprutCAM will do it automatically.

Now, you can automatically unfold the axes by selecting the Alternate solution option

It is also possible to choose the orientation of the axes according to the vector of your view of the part. That is, the way I will look at the part, if I click on the View vector, the tool will be oriented in relation to the surface I was looking at.


  • Updated examples of projects with interception operations
  • Updated sample project with Pick and Place operation
  • Updated the map of the robot axes, now you see a notification if the limits of 4 or 6 axes of the robot are greater than 359.9 degrees
  • Updated default settings for adapted welding and cutting operations
  • Added a notification during post-processing about operations without calculated leads and leans. In this case, the NC code will not be output.
  • Updated postprocessor design capabilities using the .NET platform
  • Updated the automatic calculation of the top machining level in the hole machining operation.


  • Fixed bugs when working with snap-in
  • Fixed errors in SprutCAM when working with geometric measurement tools
  • Fixed bugs in MachineMaker when working with rail
  • Fixed a bug in MachineMaker with automatic alignment
  • Fixed a bug in MachineMaker with the main spindle selection
  • Fixed a bug with the default settings window on the first launch
  • Fixed bugs in the Pick and Place operation
  • Fixed a bug with a saw operation
  • Fixed a bug when working with a tape measure in drawing mode
  • Fixed bugs in the drawing mode
  • Fixed errors when working with CLData
  • Fixed checkboxes when selecting operations in the NC-code generation window
  • Fixed a bug in the Chamfer operation
  • Fixed bugs when working with the robot axes map
  • Fixed errors when working with 2D geometry in the 3D editor
  • Fixed bugs with language settings at startup
  • Fixed bugs in 5D Contour operation
  • Fixed links in SprutCAM 15 documentation
  • Fixed bugs in sorting mode
  • Fixed bugs in EDM operation
  • Fixed a bug with removing leftovers for a circular saw operation
  • Fixed rendering errors when creating copies of a part
  • Fixed a bug with network licenses when the server is not available
  • Fixed bugs in the postprocessor generator
  • Fixed bugs if the blank is set as a casting
  • Fixed rendering errors when working with certain 3D models
  • Fixed bugs with setting the workpiece

A total of 84 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.