What’s new

  1. MachineMaker updates: support for robots is expanded, functionality is improved
  2. Added new options in the cutters and drills settings
  3. Exit the Measurement mode via the ESC key

New in MachineMaker

  1. New robots are added
  2. Added default rules for robot engages and retracts

In this update, we have expanded the list of supported robots.

Here is a complete list of robots: ABB, Aubo, Cloos, Comau, Denso, Epson, Estun, Ever, Fanuc, Hiwin, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Kuka, Motoman, Nachi, SunLIFia, Turin, Universal Robots

Now all the robots from MachineMaker will have the following default engage and retract rules:

1. When engage: turn the positioners to the working position, engage the robot.

2. On retraction: take the robot to home (home position), return the positioners to home.

These rules are needed for safe retraction and enaging. Previously, it had to be configured in a SprutCAM project. Now, it is the default behavior of the robots. If necessary, the rules can be changed in the SprutCAM project settings.

MachineMaker is available in SprutCAM 15 only. This application for the design of robotic cells. You can load a 3D model of the robot, add stationary tables, rotary positioners, rails, two or three-axis portals. Then import directly into SprutCAM. We had a webinar where we discussed in detail how to work with it. You can watch it on the youtube channel (Webinar in Russian).

New parameters for the cutting tool

Now the shank for milling cutters and drills is specified in the parameters of the tool description. This is necessary to control collisions during cutting. Previously, this could be done through the mandrel description.


New in working Measurement mode

SprutCAM has a measuring tool function, which we call a Measure-tape. A Measure-tape helps you determine the distance between two points.

Now you can turn off the Measuring tool mode using the ESC key on the keyboard. Previously, to do this, you had to click on the icon again.


  • Fixed bugs with importing 3D models
  • Fixed bugs in multichannel machining mode
  • Fixed bugs in machining simulation
  • Fixed bugs when working with KOMPAS 3D
  • Fixed bugs in turning operations
  • Fixed errors when working with the axes map
  • Fixed bugs in 5D mesh operation
  • Fixed a bug in 5D surface operation
  • Fixed bugs in 5D cladding operation
  • Fixed bugs in the Chamfering operation
  • Fixed bugs in the avoid collision function
  • Fixed bugs on the Fixtures tab
  • Fixed errors when calculating the path of transitions and returns
  • Fixed a bug in the retreat parameters
  • Fixed errors when importing operations
  • Fixed a bug with the tool tuning point
  • Fixed a bug with the tool window
  • Fixed bugs in MachineMaker
  • Fixed collision control in multi-channel mode

Total 75 changes were made to the SprutCAM containing bug fixes and improved workflow.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.