Sculpture machining from EPS by SprutCAM X Robot

Continuing with the maritime theme, we present the results of COMAC‘s work using a robot. This time, they created a mermaid. By utilizing a CNC robot and SprutCAM X Robot, they have brought fantasy to reality. They achieved scenography machining in EPS with precision machining.

COMAC is a company that specializes in CNC machining, which involves the use of computer-controlled machines to create complex and precise parts. They have taken this expertise to the next level by using a robot to create a mermaid, bringing fantasy to reality.

The process of creating the mermaid involved using a CNC robot to carve the figure out of a block of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The robot was programmed using SprutCAM, which is software that allows for the creation of complex 3D designs and toolpaths. This allowed the robot to create intricate details on the mermaid, such as scales and flowing hair.

Precision machining was essential in creating a lifelike mermaid, with attention to detail being key. The CNC robot allowed for precise and consistent cuts, ensuring that each scale and feature was identical. This attention to detail is what sets COMAC’s work apart and makes their creations truly remarkable.

In conclusion, COMAC’s use of a CNC robot and SprutCAM has allowed them to bring fantasy to reality by creating a lifelike mermaid. The precision machining involved in the process allowed for intricate details to be carved with consistency, resulting in a stunning final product. Their work demonstrates the incredible capabilities of CNC machining and its potential for creating intricate and complex designs.

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