Hole sorting for optimal machining path

Our programmers made a steep function to handle a large number of holes. Previously, the machining order could be set on the strategy tab and there were 3 types of them: Optimal, By list, Grouping of holes with the same plane. The machining sequence now can be set using 4 detailed sorting templates, allowing for an infinite number of toolpath options. In this case, all changes are instantly displayed in the SprutCAM workspace. Just watch the video.

New calculator for calculating cutting data

We have added a new calculator window to SprutCAM for a visual calculation of cutting conditions for milling and turning tools. You only need to specify the recommended parameters from the manual of the tool manufacturer to get the values for the spindle speed and minute feed. The obtained values are automatically substituted into the operation parameters.

You can open the window for calculating cutting conditions on the feed tab or in the tool table.

Comments for feed control mode

In the last release, in 5D Contour operation, we added the ability to specify sections with different feeds for the same contour. This is called Feed Control Mode.

In this release, we added the ability to leave a comment so that you can quickly find areas with modified feed.

Scaling according to velocity graph

In this release, we added the ability to scale in the Axes Plot window by varying speed. This makes it possible to track whether the axes are turning at the poles and, in general, to monitor changes in the axes in position and speed.

Updated the algorithm for sew models

We updated the design of the Sewing window on the Model tab and improved the algorithm. Now, after sew, old vertices and curves that were not attached to surfaces are automatically deleted.

Spindle rotation control in turning operations

In this update, we have added another control option for the direction of spindle rotation in turning operations. For example, if you have specified a straight through right cutter with reverse clamping in your operation, and the spindle rotation is set to counterclockwise, then SprutCAM will generate an error.

Bug fixes

Sometimes, when calculating the operation, SprutCAM showed an error overcutting the model, while the error occurred in the section when the tool had not yet cut into the material. Such errors appeared periodically, both in the 2D Contour operation and in the Rough Slice operation. The programmers figured out the reason for the appearance of such errors and eliminated them, now there should be no false positives of the model cut error.


  • Fixed bugs in turning operations
  • Fixed error when working with interpreters
  • Fixed errors when importing models in STEP format
  • Fixed system work when saving a blank in stl format
  • Fixed bugs when working with the map of the robot axes
  • Fixed a bug with documents in Russian
  • Fixed errors when simulating on the text of the UP
  • Fixed a bug in the Surfacing 5D operation
  • Fixed errors when working with the FBM operation
  • Fixed bugs in the new arc interpolation method
  • Fixed bugs with visualization of turning kinematic models developed for previous versions of SprutCAM
  • Fixed bugs with measuring tool
  • Improved Welding operation
  • Improved 5D surface operation
  • Improved 5D mesh operation
  • Improved Hole Machining operation
  • Improved 5D Contour operation
  • Improved RockSolid modeling method

In total, we made 87 changes to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.