What’s new

  1. New features
  2. Improved design tools
  3. Bug fixes and performance improvements

New in Sketch mode

New “Arc from Center” tool

New “Circular Slot” Tool

New interactive sketch areas in 3D

Previously, to select an area, for example to extrude, you had to select a path that belongs to that area. But the contours were difficult to distinguish on the screen. Now all sketch areas in 3D mode are immediately drawn on the screen in bright color and outlined with bold lines.

So that the contours do not interfere with the work, we added a switch for the visibility of the areas of a particular sketch.

You can now also select multiple areas to extrude or rotate at once. To do this, you just need to click them with the mouse cursor, you do not need to hold down the Ctrl key. And by double-clicking on the contour, you can select all the same areas in the sketch, for example, holes of the same diameter.

Updated work with the Extrude and Revolve tools

When multiple regions are selected, the Extrude and Rotate commands are also available. To extrude an element, as before, simply drag the path with the mouse. Previously, extruding multiple paths would require extruding each element separately. Now you can extrude all selected contours at once. After extrusion, only one extrusion is created.

In the same way as with extrusion, you can select several regions for rotation at once. We also updated the interactive for defining the axis of rotation. Now, to change the rotation axis, just drag it with the mouse to the desired element. As you drag, the items that can be selected as the axis will be highlighted. The axes of the global coordinate system are also highlighted. Now a preview of the result when rotating is working.

Updated work with linear and circular patterns

Previously, to set the axis of the multiplication elements, you had to separately set the point and separately the direction. Now the interactive tool for defining the axes of the propagation elements works in the same way as for the Rotate tool. You can simply drag the axis to the desired element of the model.

New in 3D CAD editor

Updated the “Arc by 3 Points” tool. Previously, it only built tangent arcs, now by default it draws an arc by points. To switch to touch mode, you need to hold down Shift, as with a circle. We also updated the rendering: earlier in the construction process a circle was drawn, now – an arc.

The Fillet tool has been updated. Now, it can create chamfers as well. To switch between chamfer and fillet, press the spacebar. And if you turn the mouse wheel while holding Ctrl, you can increase or decrease the size of the chamfer or fillet.

Updated rendering of construction lines, for example Construction, Center line. They are now drawn in black as constraints to make the drawing easier to read.

Added separate icons for creating different types of planes.

Possible ways to create planes are:

    1. Offset plane
    2. Tangent plane (to the surface of revolution)
    3. Plane through the axis of the surface of revolution
    4. Plane Through Model Edge
    5. Plane along two model edges
    6. Plane midway between two planar faces
    7. Plane through sketch line

Updated visibility control icons

Added the ability to save the Model to a file and load it into SprutCAM. At the same time, the entire history of the constructions is saved.

Now 3D models can be created in arbitrary coordinate systems. It is always created in the active coordinate system by default. And also I can select an edge or a face and create a 3D model there.

Now the created 3D models can be moved, rotated, scaled, etc. using the corresponding function in SprutCAM

SprutCAM improvements

Updated the calculation of the tool path of spatial arcs when programming industrial robots

Improved visualization in SprutCAM

Updated license server for network versions of SprutCAM


  • Improved the reliability of the 3D core of the CAD editor
  • Fixed bugs in intersection and boolean operations, due to which models were not built
  • Fixed bugs in the triangulator, due to which some surfaces were not drawn
  • Fixed bugs in the triangulator, due to which some surfaces were not drawn
  • Fixed a number of bugs in gsSolver, due to which sizes and restrictions were not fulfilled
  • Increased the speed of 3D model regeneration in the CAD editor
  • Optimized and accelerated rendering of the 3D model
  • Fixed problems when saving projects
  • Fixed bugs when working with snap-in
  • Fixed bugs when working with 3D models of holders
  • Fixed problems with opening old projects
  • Fixed bugs with paint simulation
  • Fixed bugs in Chamfer operation
  • Fixed bugs in CAD editor
  • Fixed errors that led to the emergency closing of SprutCAM
  • Fixed bugs in the Pick and Place operation
  • Fixed bugs when working with bindings
  • Fixed problems with visualization of the machine in some cases
  • Fixed bugs with generating the NC-code
  • Fixed errors when copying a part
  • Fixed errors when working with SolidWorks and Inventor

A total of 154 changes were made to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.


Users with active technical support have already received notifications of a new release and can update.