New “G-code based lathe” operation

For this operation, the NC code in G-codes is used as a job assignment. The text of the NC-code can be written manually in SprutCAM editor or downloaded from third-party programs. You can read more about this operation here: NC code based operation

Now our users can load NC code for lathes into SprutCAM.

Barrel mill – a new type of milling tool

We have added 3 more types of milling cutters to the relief cut group. There are currently 11 types of cutters in this group: Dovetail, Groove cutter, Ball cutter, Double corner tool, Round groove cutter, Pointed chamfer cutter, Rounded chamfer cutter, Chamfer cutter with indexable inserts, Barrel Mill: Barrel Mill, Taper Barrel Mill, Lens Barrel Mill.

Bug fixes

In this release, our programmers have solved the compatibility issue of ATI Radeon video cards, which led to incorrect behavior of the graphics subsystem, problems with object selection, etc.


  • Your projects in SprutCAM now load even faster.
  • Fixed integration module with Compass V19.
  • Fixed an issue when importing 3D models from Rhinoceros.
  • Fixed bug when working with 3D Mouse.
  • Улучшена работа с картой осей роботов. Improved work with the robot axis map.
  • Fixed the appearance of a singularity when machining a robot with a rotary table.
  • Fixed errors with the coordinate system of the part.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the direction of rotation of the lathe spindle.

In total, we made 87 changes to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.