New tool list

In this SprutCAM 14 release, we have updated the work with the list of tools. Now, all the tool libraries are placed on the left on the constant panel. The buttons for the main actions are moved to the top of the panel, and the rest are in the context menu by pressing the right mouse button. Now you can easily and visually manage your tool libraries. Scroll with a wheel is working.

Spindle control

We’ve added new functionality for the “Collision avoidance” option. Now you can set the “Spindle control” parameter. Automatic mode and manual setting are available. This works for both milling and lathe machines. More details can be seen in the video:

This will allow programming hard-to-reach sections of parts much faster and safer for equipment.

Machining tab changes

Changes in operations based on NC code

One of our prides is the G-code based milling operation. With its help, it is possible to simulate machining according to a program written, for example, directly on a CNC stand in SprutCAM. And then convert the loadedNC code for another CNC stand if the kinematic models of the machines coincide. Or check the designed machining in SprutCAM as on a CNC machine by running a G-code simulation. You can read more about this operation here: NC code based operation

In this update, we have fixed a bug in the interpreter for the Fanuc CNC stand.

Fixed the calculation of the toolpath in the “Chamfering” operation.

We continue to improve the new “Chamfering” operation. It was found that the toolpath was unclear when selecting an edge surface as a job assignment. We have fixed this error.

Updates in additional modules

Fixed bug with collision control buttons

Our support drew attention to the fact that in simulation mode when simulation process is enabled, if you enable or disable holder control or machine nodes, then until the simulation is stopped, changes in the control mode do not work. Therefore, in order not to be misled, we made it so that while the simulation is running, these buttons are inactive. You can enable or disable collision control after pressing stop.

Fixed a bug with notification about the absence of a toolpath

Sometimes it is required to output the NC code not for all operations in the project, but only certain ones. To do this, in the “NC program generation” window, tick the necessary boxes. In this case, if in your project some operations were not calculated, then after pressing the “Run” button a window with a warning about this appeared. Our users informed us that this message also appeared even if all operations were calculated. We fixed this and now this message will no longer appear.


In total, we made 89 changes in SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.

If you haven’t received an update notification automatically, you can make it manually through the “Version” menu. Or download a new release from the site through the link: Download SprutCAM 14