Multi-part projects / Tombstone

Parametric 3D CAD

MachineMaker 2.0

.NET and Visual Studio Code based postprocessing

New multichannel workflow

“Fixtures” tab

More updates

  • User interface updates
  • New mechanism of smart hints behavior and translation
  • New Holders library window
  • New Holders (3D models) window

Technology updates

  • Axis map for 5-axis machines C axis precise handling
  • New behavior for the part and workpiece primitives
  • Added Check holder function in the Rotary roughing operation
  • Barrel mills support added
  • Added Offset pass step for cladding
  • “Power” for Cladding 5D operation
  • Added Punch distance for Plasma operation
  • New feed types
  • 5D Contour now generates up to 6D toolpaths
  • New feeds control feature for 5D Contouring
  • Adaptive lathe operation
  • Start Point for Face Milling operation
  • New CLData command properties window
  • Updated set of commands for manual addition

Other updates

  • Updated CADs Addons
  • Updated Built-in Importers
  • New interpreters for G-code based simulation and verification
  • New G-code based lathe operation
  • G-code based operation improvements
  • New version of ModuleWorks