Recognition of conical holes

In this update, we added the ability to recognize a tapered hole in the Hole machining operation automatically.

Also, the conical hole can be recognized manually. To do this, select the inner surface of the hole and press the Center button.

Conical tool support in 3D offset operation

At the request of our customers, we have added support for the conical tool in the 3D offset operation.

Engage and Retract at an Angle to a Tangent for 3D Surfacing

We have added 3D Surfacing to the operation engage and retract at an angle to the tangent. This need has arisen in the manufacture of items of laser welding of the powder material. In the screenshot above, this path is highlighted by yellow.

Bug fixes

In this update, we have tidied up the list of engages and retracts in the Rotary machining operation. In Roughing rotary operation, we changed the internal order of the types of engages and retracts, and fixed some errors.


  • Fixed bugs in Plasma cutting operation
  • Fixed bugs in the Collision avoidance function
  • Fixed bugs in operations based on NC code
  • Fixed bugs in 5D contour operation
  • Fixed bugs in 5D surface operation
  • Fixed bugs in 2D contour operation
  • Fixed bugs in 2.5D contour operation
  • Fixed bugs in 3D Surfacing operation
  • Fixed bugs in the Finish waterline operation
  • Improved chamfering operation: added plunge feed
  • Improved simulation of turning operations
  • Improved Generating tool list window: now it can be scaled
  • Improved import of models from SolidWorks

In total, we made 96 changes to SprutCAM containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.