The use of CAD/CAM software is necessary in the case of manufacturing parts on a CNC machine or industrial robot. The manufacturing process of the part can be divided into 3 types.

  • Designing a 3D model of a part in CAD programm
  • Designing the process of manufacturing it on a CNC machine in CAM system
  • Manufacturing in CNC machine

In this article we regard only two first stage. Write the Program for machines cannot be without 3D model. Therefore we will start with CAD system

CAD/CAM software workflow


Stands for “computer aided design”

CAD software is a special software dedicate to design. Therefore you can be designed any shape in a CAD software. Contemporary manufacturing process always includes virtual design of all part elements in a CAD software, for instance in auto and space manufacturing.

There are different classes of CAD software which are used for different tasks.

There are freeform CAD systems used widely to move hadcrafted, organic or art process to the digital world

In addition there are parametric CAD systems.Therefore We call also call them Engineering CAD software. People use them to design production parts, mold&dies and anything else what can be manufactured using a CNC machine. Most commonly used engeneering CAD systems are Solidworks, OnShape, Inventor.

CAD software


Stands for “computer aided manufacturing”

CAM software is the engeneering software used by CNC machinists and industrial robots programmers.

CAM software is used to generate ready-to-go toolpaths. In other words it is highly automated tool for creating machining technology in virtual environment.

Input data for CAM software is a 3D model. Output data is the g-code.

Usually CAM software includes:
– toolpath strategies,
– toolpath calculation module,
– simulation module,
– toolpath to g-code translation module,
– g-code verification module.

In addition to this with the help of CAM software CNC programmer can optimize generated toolpath eliminate collisions and reduce air-cut in order to use machine time more effectively.

CAM software

CAM software workflow

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Streamlined CNC programming workflow

Unlike many other CAD/CAM software, SprutCAM calculates toolpath in the native kinematics of the CNC machine.

What does this mean to the user?

This means that toolpath calculation automatically avoids possible machine collisions as well as the workpiece and axis travel limits. All this happens while the toolpath is calculated, not in simulation.

You do not need to postprocess the NC code to simulate the real-world result. All machine movements are visible immediately after the toolpath calculation.

CNC programming becomes visual, workflow is streamlined.

Advanced rest material handling:
watch how the workpiece is machined during every operation

In SprutCAM the simulation is updated in the background after every operation. So the workpiece for each subsequent operation is the result of the previous operation.

Thus, when calculating the toolpath, SprutCAM considers the result of the previous operation.

Toolpath calculation that is based on the result of the previous operation gives three distinct advantages:

  • visual programming: the result of processing is visible immediately after the toolpath calculation in each operation;
  • workpiece collision control;
  • reduced non-cutting motions without material removal.

Reliable simulation: safety for the equipment

SprutCAM simulation shows all machine movements during the machining process. 5-axis and complex turn-mill machines are no exception.

In addition, SprutCAM automatically marks NC program frames in which it detects collisions, part gouges and axis movements overtravels.

Reliable and detailed simulation in the CAD/CAM software is the guarantee of no surprises during physical machining process.

Reliable NC code: G-code simulation and verification

If you have SprutCAM, then you do not need a separate software for G-code verification.

G-code verification feature supports Fanuc, Heidenhein, and Siemens CNCs with canned cycles.

G-code verification reveals:

  • possible bugs in the postprocessor;
  • at what point of processing the technological commands are turned on and off;
  • which movement causes gauge or collision;
  • tool motion between operations.

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